Interested Student/Artists,
I have a small problem my IT form designers have not yet produced an acceptable shopping cart page & system for my VIA school, so I've come up with an alternative. I will base the class on the honor system. Take the class on credit & once complete, if you think the experience was worth your time & effort send me a "thank you" check for the tuition. No questions asked.

7 benefits of taking the class

1. Take the class without paying up front
. It is already a bargain, the tuition is half what a continuing education class or extended learning class would cost.
3 . You save that much & more not having to drive to class.
4 . I will provide art materials sources which will save you more than the tuition.
5 . You can attend from your comrfortable computer chair while sitting in your bathrobe.
6 . At the end I will produce a virtual catalog of the class work which you may print out & keep.
7 . I will also produce a virtual gallery show of your class work with virtual gold leaf frames at the end of class.

Please let me know if you have additional suggestions. Thank you, Jon Rader Jarvis

class information link :information
about the instructor: Jon Rader Jarvis
sample virtual plein air painting class: class 1
virtual plein air painting blog:

Just send me an email reply & I will add your email address to the list. Your address will be the logon name & I will send the password in reply.[email]

Former Terms:[You can sign up for an entire class (some are free), most are $40 for 8 weeks or $7 a class. You can try a couple at the individual rate, and if you like the class the first two $7 payments will apply to the total cost $40--$14= $26. Many students just send $14 for the first two and then $26 for the remainder before the 3rd class is due. Right now we are check or money order based, but soon you can use e-commerce and plastic debit or credit cards,to pay for the classes. Each class will include student questions and answers as well as lectures and homework. Each class has a gallery room dedicated where class members can see each others' work as well as instructor demonstrations. Checks and money orders are mailed directly to instructors using the post office box below:]
P.O.Box 9001
Vashon,WA 98070

you can use the online form, by printing it out and mailing, or simply include course name and number in a note with the check or money order made payable to the instructor.

If you have any questions, you can contact the instructor or the administrative director.